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Tony Hoang, Victor Salazar, Matthew Araquistain, José Luis Andrade León, Apryl-Joy M Pascua, Brian Edwards, Justin Reece, Pamela Harris, Rene Mijares, Carol Faber, Kris Newell, Roberto Alvarado, Tom Lloyd, Zsuzsanna Laszlo.

August 21-September 6, 2009
Reception: Friday, August 21, 2009 / 6-10 p.m.

Autobody Fine Art gallery is proud to present "Zeitgeist", an exhibition curated by Zsuzsanna Laszlo showcasing the work of fourteen artists. The exhibited artworks describe these artists through their culture, emotions, diverse subject matter and imagination. Images range from the intimate to the epic and allow the viewer to perceive and interpret according to their own criteria.

The art in this exhibition is available to multiple audiences on many different levels. With this in mind, the artists will leave artworks on the streets of Alameda in advance of the exhibition. In a gesture similar to the manifestoes of Dada and Arte Povera, these artworks are free to those that encounter and adopt them.

In his eclectic artwork Tony Hoang uses repetition to make imagination a reality. Whether it is a series of floating heads with multiple expressions or hunting/haunting deer, his artwork is both entertaining and mysterious. Eclectic and subversive, these artworks are a reflection of our own interior diaspora.

The line drawings of Victor Salazar are based on spontaneity. For his series "unusual", he selected pens and Sharpies as his main medium. These drawing tools look very different from conventional art materials and when mixed with gesso create depth and complexity through line and color. The lines are delicate and small, a harsh contrast with the nature of what these pedestrian materials were meant to be used for. Salazar builds space into the drawings in order to force viewers into a confrontational intimacy with the work.

Matthew Araquistain's photographs expose human emotions that are often ugly and unpleasant to look at. The artist challenges viewers to look towards themselves and examine their own psychological motivation. The intense expression of Araquistain's images are designed to resonate with the viewer and force them into introspection.

Powerful and of epic scale, the artwork of José Luis Andrade León from Mexico is influenced by the tradition of Mexican muralists. Even though his technique and style differs from his native culture, his art correlates with that of the great muralists in the tradition of social commentary. Andrade attempts not only to make art that resonates at all levels of aesthetic and political understanding.

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