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The Ship of Fools
Featuring work by: David Houston, Zhenne Wood, Hannah Beadman, Steven Chabre, Jan Watten

Featuring Jen Koboyashi on the Flying Trapeze

June 28 - August 9, 2008

Autobody Fine Art is proud to announce the opening of ėThe Ship of Fools,î a group show that focuses on theater, fairytales and magic. At the core of the exhibition is audience participation and an exploration of how artists and the creative act can transform the mundane and banal into the sublime and other wordly. During the Middle Ages artists and the insane were exiled beyond the walled fortresses of major cities. Those perceived as mad roamed the countryside together in search of a final resting place. This "Ship of Fools", the Narrenschiff, encountered many outlying villages as it searched for the elusive ėKingdom of Follyî. Through contact with the villagers, the ideas, dreams and prophecy's held sacred by creative people were returned to society. Autobody Fine Art is privileged in continuing this tradition.

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