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"Mark: Subject/Object/Collaborator"
A Solo Exhibition by photographer Robert Fischer

October 8 – December 5, 2010
Free Public Opening Reception: October 8, 2010 / 7-10 p.m.
Free Gala Reception: November 12, 2010 / 7-10 p.m.

Autobody Fine Art is pleased to announce the exhibition of epic-scale psychological portraits by photographer Robert Fischer. “MARK: Subject/Object/Collaborator” explores the multiple personas of a single subject. This series of startling narrative images reveals the subtle interactions between photographer and subject and pulls the viewer deeply into the dialogue.

Photography is a fickle medium. Its ability to look as if it accurately represents a subject can reduce a portrait to simply an image. By scrutinizing the same person over an extended length of time (in this case nearly a decade) Fischer is able to analyze the availability of multiple assumed and clinical personalities that collide upon the body of a select individual. In addition, Fischers’ project addresses the history of portrait photography and the manner in which images are constructed. Ranging from the informal, stage -directed and digitally manipulated, Robert Fischer's quest for understanding his subject and his own relationship as auteur traverses the methods through which the medium speaks.

Robert’s Fischer’s work unapologetically explores both the celebratory and darker aspects of the human psyche. He pulls no punches with his subjects, but the resulting images resonate with sensitivity and vulnerability. He captures the unusual, the bizarre and disturbing, the complexity, and ultimately, the touching—in humanity. This is mediated with a classical sensibility based on art historical references and classic cinema. Fischer’s early career as a successful painter informs his photographic style, lending it rich, painterly qualities not often found in the medium. Art writer De Witt Cheng has stated: "In a digitally connected global economy of increasing diversity and complexity, with geographical and cultural borders diminished, we’re increasingly asked to reconsider our provincial or insular values. Robert Fischer’s humanistic but unsentimental photographs force us to be both more truthful and more tolerant, as Robert Frank’s The Americans did in an earlier time."

Robert Fischer is represented by William Torphy Fine Art ( and Autobody Fine Art would like to thank William Torphy for his close collaboration in bringing his work to a wider audience. For more information and images, please contact Amy George, Gallery and Events Director, Autobody Fine Art Gallery at, or call the gallery at 510.865.2608.

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James Shefik
Robert Fischer
James Shefik
Robert Fischer
James Shefik
Robert Fischer