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A Midwinter Night's Dream
Tania Seabock, Crystal Kamoroff, Holly Wach, David Houston,
Cody Vrosh

December 5 - 26, 2009

Tania Seabock |
Tania is a Decorative Painter by trade. She has been involved in various art mediums including performance art since she was a kid. Beginning her professional career as a Mortician she found her art outlet in the art of Embalming & Restoration. She worked as a mortician for 4 years and left to become a painter.

Since moving to the bay area on New years night of 1995 Tania was able to explore many mediums and expressions of art. From the time she moved to the bay area she has been involved with many performance art groups. To name a few: In 1998 she was involved with the Burningman Opera: Temple of Rudra. In 1999 she became involved with Death Guild Thunderdome at Burningman. In 2000 she joined Perry Farrells BANTU Mystic Family Circus and went on their first tour. She performed & also made costumes for most of the groups she has been involved with. Her costumes were soldered and made from mixed media such as animal skulls and nails. She has also made various set installations for shows, including the first Edward Gorey Ball (aka Edwardian Ball) at the Cat Club in 2000. Recently she produced "The Damask Boudoir" which was a Variety & Fashion show under Social Entropy. She focuses her art career on Trompe L'oeil painting & realism. Although most of her paint work would be categorized as "realism" she still loves to explore her conceptual side of art through sculpture, textile, metal, glass & found objects.

Crystal Kamoroff
Crystal Kamoroff was born and raised in Northern California in the mountains of Mendocino County. Kamoroff received her Bachelors of Fine Art from San Jose State University in the spring of 2008 and is currently completing her Masters of Fine Art at Bowling Green State University where she is also a graduate instructor.

In my artistic practice I explore semiotic dichotomous relationships inherent in society. In order to process information in today’s increasingly complex age, we compartmentalize information to make sense of the human experience. I am interested in how these simplifications affect identity politics, specifically in regards to facilitating transformative processes of a physical and spiritual nature. There is a potential expressed in an organism enabling it to change, which either leads to evolution, or stagnation. I employ sensual forms within my work to limn the tensions between the polar relationships of sexuality and gender. It is through these forms that I explore the contradictions that perpetuate the categorization and over simplification of identity. These tendencies directly relate to a dominant and submissive dynamic that is ever present in society. I look to expose the dualities that falsely divide the world into being only one way or another, or into a series of right or wrong. My intensions are to use art as tool to explore social relationships, challenge conventional and “normative” ideas and to contest the traditional boundaries of social and cultural territories of gender roles, identities, and desires.

Holly Wach |
Holly Wach was born in St Louis, Missouri in 1971 and that is where the normal Mid-western upbringing ends. Her parents being restless souls moved around from town to town until settling in Stuart Florida. Her mom an artist and dad a storyteller created a household filled with creativity and tails of adventure. Her parents have now joined forces to craft a successful chain of children’s books. With the support of two such creative influences she couldn’t help dream of adventure and far away places. Growing up in a quiet beach town supplied the perfect setting to sit back, dream and draw. After High school she was off. She traveled to Europe, South and Central America, Asia, and back. All the time she was filling journals with images and stories. She took a break from traveling to attend college at the University of North Florida. Where, she received her BFA in Painting. Then, she was off again until landing in New York City where she received her MFA in Painting at the New York Academy of Art. New York provided the opportunity to study under and view some of the most important figures in the contemporary art world. She has recently switched coasts to Oakland, California where she devotes all of her time to making art and exploring a new place.

David Houston | View MySpace Page

Cody Vrosh |
Born at the tender age of 0, Cody has been making one thing or another since. His main artistic interests lie in the human state and the unaccountable chemical cities that comprise each persons perception and knowledge of self.

There is a crushing amount of beautiful things inthe world. The hard part I find is deciphering it all. I find myself drawing animals quite a bit though, very fond of them.

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Tania Seabock
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Cody Vrosh