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Medium Rare
Featuring T. Joseph Enos and Tony Hoang

June 11-August 8, 2010
Free Public Opening Reception: June 11, 2010 / 7-10 p.m.

Autobody Fine Art is proud to present “Medium Rare,” a two person exhibition featuring the work of T. Joseph Enos and Tony Hoang.

The artists share an intense fascination with the humble, both in terms of material and concept. Through their investigation they manage to elevate the ordinary into objects and images that are both sublime and frequently ridiculous. Both artists use their own specific sets of experience and relationship to the idea of "self," in order to reveal universal truths about the human condition.

Tony Hoang's work frequently confronts insecurity by making the viewer empathetic with the unlikely situations depicted in his work. Human heads have multiple eyes, hunters sport unlikely deer heads and faces are sewn together with a fine red thread that suggests the frailty of the ties that bind one person to another. Figures are executed with a fine black line and the images are usually tinted or placed on grounds that are as faint as the ability to grasp how an image at once comedic can be tinged with the anticipation of tragedy. His very urbane figures are searching for the soul of their identity and asking the viewer to look for their own.

Joseph Enos takes straightforward, unassuming materials like Styrofoam, cardboard, aluminum foil and insulating foam and creates deceptive, semi-abstract sculpture and installation pieces that defy the logic of their own invention. He is a true bricoleur whose artwork takes aim at the value we place on rarified objects and suggests that true value lies in the ability of an artwork to act as a metaphor for experience. Enos often uses his own physicalty as content, whether impossibly wrestling with giant sheets of paper or making prints of his own belly on the walls of a gallery. Transformation, both of materials and subject, suggest that process is the key to an understanding of oneself.

The exhibition includes sculpture, painting and video as both artists use a variety of medium across genres to fully explore issues of managing an identity in a world where nothing appears to be what it purports.

For more information and images from "Medium Rare," please contact Jacqueline Cooper, Executive Director, Autobody Fine Art Gallery, or Amy George, gallery and Events Director, at 510.865.2608,or send the gallery an e-mail at

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T. Joseph Enos
Tony Hoang
T. Joseph Enos
T. Joseph Enos