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Childhood Accident vs. Crash
"Childhood Accident" features; Keli Reule, Danielle Lawrence, Martha Sue Harris, Melanie Lombard, Leslie Grunditz, Paola Pastore, Frost Newton. "Crash Course" features; Phil Hall, Gary Paul Prince

September 11 - November 29, 2008

PrinceAutobody Fine Art is proud to present two group shows that compliment and argue against each other: ìChildhood Accident vs. Crash Course.î A little bit like a DJ battle the two shows compete within the same concept. The idea at stake is the formation of an adult identity, at what point are the elemental positions that form the core of being altered, shattered or simply reformatted. An accident may be a small occurrence, even a happy discovery, whereas a crash course is most often the learned experience of another overlayed onto the personality of someone else. A crash course in anything suggests a more wanton, voyeuristic type of understanding. In this show identity, gender and stereotype are played out in innocence, pop culture, and in some cases, the joy of discovery through the camera lens or paintbrush. Come and decide which camp you fall into or between.

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Martha Sue Harris, "Invader and Host"
Phillip Hall, "Pinky in the Desert"