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It Takes All Kinds
Artists include: Shorty Fatz, John Stuart Berger, Matt Richie,
Political Gridock, Ken Davis
, Task 1

March 7 - April 26, 2009

"It Takes All Kinds" is a showcase of artists that are diverse and unconventional in their work and media. They work against the grain of conventional society, yet still pay homage to classic and contemporary styles. By showing these artists in a single forum the exhibition reveals converging ideas, outlooks, and themes while celebrating individual style. The show is meant to spotlight the varied backgrounds of each artist and reveal the underlying similarities they share.

Autobody Fine Art is proud to play host to work that is frequently dismissed as commercial or alternative but has at its heart a very deep appreciation of art history and aesthetics motivated by political concerns. This show will challenge notions of what is acceptable as "fine" art and how images are represented and repeated once they move from the outside world to the precious placement within a gallery.

Artists include:

Shorty Fatz /
Shorty Fatz consists of San Jose artists Matthew Rodriguez and Samuel Rodriguez who are recognized for their state of the art original bicycle fabrication and paintwork.

John Stuart Berger /
John Stuart Berger is a Northern California artist who passes time by manipulating and mutating various forms of the natural world. He is intrigued by organisms that tend to slither, crawl, ooze, fly, strike and usually bite!

Matt Richie /
Hailing from Hayward, Matt is known for his meticulous woodburning and ball point pen work as well as complicated and seductive shadowboxes.

Political Gridlock /
These Oakland Printmakers have been leaving an impression on the world with everything ranging from their to politically charged propaganda to their rock poster work.

Ken Davis /
Currently living in Alameda, Kens work has been described as a combination of old-school hand lettering combined with contemporary themes. Skateboard companies, stores, and bands have all commissioned him to produce work for them.

Task 1 /
Street artist and sculptor who constantly is trying to blur the lines between disciplines of Graffitti, Fine Art and Visual Media.

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Ken Davis
Task 1
Matt Richie